Planning For The Future

All estate plans that include a Will to allow a person to pass assets to loved ones after death.  A complete estate plan includes a Medical Power of Attorney that will allow a trusted person to make medical decisions for you if you lose the ability to do that for yourself.  A good estate plan should also include a Durable Power of Attorney to designate someone to pay bills and do banking for you if something happens and you need extra help.  If the estate plan is carefully crafted, good planning helps avoid the need to create a guardianship of the person or estate in the event personal help is needed if you need help during your lifetime. 

While there are many options for do-it-yourself estate plans online, there is no substitute for the help of an experienced attorney.  The Texas Legislature meets every two years and changes the law.  The courts issue decisions every weekday to interpret what the legislature meant when it created those laws.  A non-lawyer may miss an estate planning opportunity or could overlook a tax issue that could save the surviving family money in the probate process.  Jeannine C. Flynn is an experienced, Board-certified specialist, in Estate Planning and Probate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  She primarily serves clients in Houston. Jeannine C. Flynn can help you craft a comprehensive estate plan that will integrate all of your planning documents in a way that will effectively transfer your assets according to your goals and protect you in the event a disability arises.

Service to your family

When your family is in the probate process it helps if your plans for the administration of your estate are clear and legally accurate.  Carefully drafted estate planning documents can assist your family in knowing what to do.  Quality documents avoid disputes and disagreements about what your intentions are concerning your assets and how they are to be distributed to the people and charities that you care about.

Get the answers you need

Jeannine C. Flynn will take the time to understand your goals.  She will explain your different options, Jeannine C. Flynn will work with you to create a comprehensive estate plan that includes a Will, a Statutory Powers of Attorney for property, a Medical Care Power of Attorney, a Directive to Physicians (sometimes called a Living Will), a HIPAA Release and a Designation of Guardian in the Event of Later Need.  If you have minor children, she will draft documents to be sure your children are cared for when you are gone.

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