What is a guardianship?

Guardianships are court supervised administrations of living people.  Guardianship is typically either of a person or of a person’s financial and legal life.  All guardians are required to post a bond (or deposit money with the county clerk) and to take an oath to “well and truly perform” the duties of a guardian.  All guardians must also file detailed annual reports to the court which are reviewed by the court staff and eventually approved by a judge.

A helping hand with guardianships

Jeannine C. Flynn is an experienced attorney who can help families avoid guardianships whenever possible.  Texas follows a “least restrictive alternative” policy so that the creation of a guardianship becomes unnecessary.  Jeannine C. Flynn is well versed in such opportunities whenever minor children receive property or, whenever persons who have a disability can no longer make residential decisions, make medical decisions, or even manage their own property or pay their bills.  It is not possible to completely avoid every guardianship, but when a guardianship becomes necessary, Jeannine C. Flynn knows how to shepherd families through the technical guardianship process.

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